Integrating Montessori is run by Andy Lulka and Beth Tracy Kaliski who are dedicated to the work of equity, diversity and inclusion. They are committed to providing content that is diverse and inclusive, amplifying the voices of marginalised Montessorians whenever possible, and to engaging in regular reflection and training to improve practice. You can follow them on their Facebook Page or visit their website

New Mexico

The Indigenous Montessori Institute (IMI) is an anti-racist, anti-biased approach to educational reform using Indigenous knowledge systems and the Montessori Philosophy to deliver teacher training. Its intention is to reclaim and centre Indigenous Education by decolonising education in the classroom and system levels, restore Indigenous knowledge systems that support early childhood education, and centre Indigenous language, values, and beliefs in education. You can visit their website here:

Montessori for Social Justice (MSJ) is a US-based organisation that is invested in and supports the creation of sustainable learning environments that dismantle systems of oppression, amplifying voices of the Global Majority, and cultivate partnerships to liberate the human potential. You can follow them on their Facebook Page or visit their website

Queer Consultants is the work of D. Ann Williams and Ashley Speed who are both queer Montessorians. The company was formed when D. Ann and Ashley identified the lack of queer inclusive language, spaces, and understanding in Montessori spaces. QC seeks to educate schools and work spaces on LGBTQIA+ issues to improve the understanding, support, inclusion, and well-being of LGBTQ+ individuals already present in those spaces. You can follow them on Facebook or visit their website

Diamond Montessori is blog and platform created and run by a queer, non-monogamous Jewish Montessorian, Ash Speed. Diamond Montessori is committed to creating inclusive language and cultural materials for classrooms, to give workshops on creating queer friendly learning spaces, and to help families create Montessori and child-friendly spaces at home. You can follow Diamond Montessori on Facebook, Instagram or visit their website

Montessori Musings is an online platform developed by Barbara Isaacs and Wendelien Bellinger as a space to reflect and unite as Montessorians. They offer opportunities to engage deeply with Montessori philosophy and practice through blogs, webinars, and book reading clubs. You can follow them on their Facebook Page or visit their website

White Paper Press is the work of Dr. Laura Flores Shaw. The company is focused on increasing educators’ and parents’ scientific knowledge of learning and development. Concerns related to social justice and how that affects learning is an integral part of Dr. Shaw’s work. Her talk on Resilience is an exemplar on ways to shape our understandings of brain science and education through a social justice lens. You can follow the White Paper Press on Facebook or visit the website

Montessori Lens is an online platform created by the Montessori educator Tatenda Blessing Muchiriri. The platform spotlights diverse stories, experiences and knowledges in the Montessori community. The group features short interactions with fellow Montessori teachers, friends, parents and mentors. Read more about Tatenda from this interview he so graciously shared TMM Spotlight: Tatenda Blessing Muchiriri, as well as in this article he authored More than a tick box. You can join the Montessori Lens Facebook group here