About TMM

The Male Montessorian (TMM) project emerged out of frustration with how gender diversity in the early years workforce was framed solely in terms of ‘recruitment of more men’ into the sector, without consideration given to ‘what kind of men’ or the immense variability in gender that exists beyond the binary. Whilst men’s involvement in early years has the potential to unsettle essentialist understandings of gender, it has equal potential to re-instate and sustain cis heterosexual patriarchal structures. In effect what the platform seeks to do is to unsettle and reconfigure ‘The Male Montessorian’, through an intersectional social and environmental justice perspective, that is focused on dismantling cishet white ableist neurotypical classist antisemitic masculinist structures.

TMM Contributors

Others who have contributed to the blog include Rob Fischbeck, Johnny Jonte Boucher, Jake Cohen, And Pasley, Scott Kerpen, Ashley Speed, Jonathan Cox, Gabriel Salomão, Samuel Williams, Matt Bronsil, David Cahn, Tatenda Blessing Muchiriri, Luca D’Andrea, Michael Dorer, Cornellius Geaney, Nathan Archer, Jeremy Clarke, Sara Bloomberg, and Rhett Romsaas.

We are always looking for people to contribute to TMM. If you are interested, please get in touch via the contact form.

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