Sid’s Bio

Sid Mohandas is a former Montessori educator and teacher trainer, and the founder of The Male Montessorian (TMM) and the Montistory platforms. They are currently doing their doctorate at Middlesex University investigating how a gendered workforce is materialised in Montessori spaces, in which they put feminist ‘new’ materialisms in conversation with postcolonial, decolonial theories and lesser known subaltern studies such as Dalit and Adivasi feminisms.

Sid’s recent publications include Beyond male recruitment: decolonising gender diversification efforts in the early years by attending to pastpresent material-discursive-affective entanglements, two papers they co-authored with Professor Jayne Osgood titled Grappling with the miseducation of Montessori: A feminist posthuman rereading of ‘child’ in early childhood contexts, and Reconfiguring the ‘‘Male Montessorian’’: The mattering of gender through pink towering practices as well as a chapter co-authored with Jayne in the SAGE Handbook of Global Childhoods titled Figuring gender in early childhood with animal figurines (Please see link to view full list of extant and forthcoming publications)

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Research Interest: Gender, Social Justice, Feminisms, Feminist ‘New’ Materialisms, Feminist Posthumanisms, Decolonial theories, Dalit Feminisms, Adivasi Feminisms, Anti-racism, Anti-oppression, Montessori Education, Early Childhood Education, Assessment, Sexuality, Montessori History, and Intersectionality