Sid’s Itinerary

November 14, 2023. RhymeTime: Colonialism in the Nursery. Being Human Festival. Brent Library
September 2023. ‘Becoming-gendered otherwise: diffractive analysis of tea in a Montessori classroom’, for Reconceptualising Early Childhood Education (RECE) Symposium titled ‘Diffractive pathways: critical reconfigurings of ‘pioneer’ thinking in early childhood’
July 4-5, 2023. ‘Generative reimaginings of a gendered workforce: putting feminist relational onto-epistemology to work’ PRSC Conference, Middlesex University, London
June 6, 2023. Montessori in Action Podcast with Nacole Walker and Sid Mohandas, interviewed by Elizabeth Slade.
June 6, 2023. Conversation with Jayne Osgood, Sid Mohandas, Barbara Isaacs and Wendelien Bellinger on postdevelopmentalism and Montessori. Montessori Musings Series on Child Development Meets Maria Montessori (accessible here)
March 16-18, 2023. Panel contribution on Disability/Neurodivergence and Montessori. Boston, USA.
March 15, 2023. Pink towering practices with Jayne Osgood, for Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA) conference symposium titled Aesthetic Explorations in early childhood education research: forms of posthumanist activism
May 23, 2022. Becoming-gendered-with-tea: re-imagining a gendered early childhood workforce. Children & Society SIGN, CERS, Middlesex University. Recording here
May 11, 2022. Shaping innovative research through creative methodologies with Prof. Jayne Osgood. Shaping Futures: Doctoral Researchers Away Day at Middlesex University, London.
May 5, 2022. The Promise of the ‘material memoir’ for posthumanist childhood studies. Adventures in Posthumanism Doctoral Event at University of Plymouth Institute of Education (accessible here)
February 8, 2022. Decolonising gender diversification, with Red Ruby Scarlet from Multiverse. (accessible here)
January 28, 2022. Un/doing the AcademicPublishingMachine through entangled feminist activism with Prof. Jayne Osgood. Postqualitative Research Collective (PQRC) Seminar, South Africa.
January 26, 2022. Queer Im/possibilities: stories beyond recruitment. Doing Queer Research: starting out stories. Gender and Sexuality Research Group at Cardiff University.
November 28, 2021. Beyond male recruitment: decolonising gender diversification efforts in the early years by attending to pastpresent material-discursive-affective entanglements. Children & Society SIGN, Middlesex University, London. (accessible here)
November 25, 2021. “PREVENT-ing decolonisation in the early years?: Attending to pastpresent material-discursive-affective entanglements of violence in the nursery” with Prof. Jayne Osgood. (Im)materialities of Violence at University of Birmingham.
November 25, 2021. The Montessori Mission Interview with Sid Mohandas. Enriching Environments.
September 25, 2021. Montessori Europe Technology Summit. Conversation about Technology and Montessori – Barbara Isaacs, Laura Flores Shaw and Sid Mohandas.
March 5th 2021. Montessori Voices for The Montessori Event, AMS Conference.
December 17, 2020. Gender Diversity and Inclusion with Aaron Bradbury from Early Years Review.
December 12, 2020. MBLM Sexuality Panel at Malayalees for Black Lives Matter
December 4, 2020. Decolonising Institutionalised Knowledge with Prof. Jayne Osgood, Middlesex University. For more info
Novemeber 20, 2020. Feminisms with Barbara Isaacs, David Gettman and Adelaide Waldrop. Available here
November 2, 2020. Gender and Sexuality in Early Years. Montessori Musings Register here
September 24, 2020. Diversity and Inclusion in Early Years EducationTalking Montessori with James Crawley.
September 19, 2020. Keynote: Gender Diversification and Inclusion in Early Years at BrewEdEYOnline.
August 31, 2020. Roots of MontessoriMontessori Europe. [Recording available here]
August 30, 2020. Panelist on Challenge Pavellion. Montessori Everywhere. [Recording available here]
July 30, 2020. Persisting in the face of diversityMiddlesex University.
July 27th, 2020. Panelist for Decolonising Curriculum. Middlesex University.
June 20-22, 2020. Que(e)R(y)ing Normativity in ECEC. Gender and Education Conference. Calgary
May 2, 2020. Integrating Montessori Panel Discussion on Zoom about perspectives on ‘work’ and ‘free choice’. [Recording available here]
November 6, 2019. Interview with Red Ruby Scarlet from Multiverse. [Recording available here]
November 4, 2019. Pink Towering Practices in the Montessori Classroom: How gender is produced through human-material-semiotic encounters. Centre for Education Research & Scholarship. London
October 22, 2019. The 3%: Brave Men. Early Childhood Forum. London
September 4, 2019. MITEY conference panel, Abbey Centre, London.
June 25, 2019. Gender and Education Conference. Portsmouth
June 10, 2019. BSA New Materialism Conference. London
May 30, 2019. Crossroads in Education: How do theory, policy, and practice intersect around the globe? Cambridge University
April 30, 2019. The Early Years Spring Summit with Kathy Brodie
February 6, 2019. Men in Early Years Talk at Institute of Education, UCL, London.
June 25, 2015, Men in Childcare podcast with Kathy Brodie