A co-performance by Prof. Jayne Osgood and Sid Mohandas titled ‘Gender Matters: tentacular adventures in early childhood contests’ for the BERA Sexualities and Gender SIG.

In this video Prof. Jayne Osgood and Sid Mohandas share their perspectives on Decolonising Institutional Knowledge.

If you missed the Montessori Everywhere Community Panel that focused specifically on social justice issues, here is the video recording:

Panelists: Regina Lulka, Tatenda Blessing Muchiriri, Koren Clark, and Sid Mohandas

Roots of Montessori webinar at Montessori Europe with Barbara Isaacs, Jana Morgan Herman, and Sid Mohandas, where they unearth Montessori history, particularly her feminism, her peace advoacy and the roots of Cosmic education in India. Barbara, Sid and Jana share how the Montessori community can continue to be relevant in contemporary society by being true to our roots.

Tune in to webinar on Gender and Sexuality in Early Years hosted by Montessori Musings. Hannah Baynham, Sara Bloomberg and Sid Mohandas share their journey with gender and sexuality, and introduce the recent open learning course called the Inclusive Classroom (available for free at this link).

Diana Smith Butler shares her journey as an LGBTQIA+ ally. 

Penny Johns shares her views on ways Montessori training organisations can be more inclusive

Men in Montessori was a video project made in collaboration with Montessori Centre International (MCI), London, to highlight men working with young children in Montessori settings.

In this video Cornelius Geaney shares his experience of working with young children in a Montessori environment. He shares his first impressions of Montessori, his reasons for pursuing early years, and the challenges he faces as a male educator

Jeremy Clarke was teaching Early Years Reception and Year 1 at Gorton Mount Primary, a state primary school in Manchester when he came across the Montessori approach. He then oversaw the adoption of Montessori into the school which had a huge impact on the children and the community. In this video Jeremy shares two Montessori moments from his experience as a  teacher.

Barbara Isaacs, Chief Education Officer at Montessori Centre International (MCI) stresses the importance of men’s participation in early childhood from the perspective of equality.

James Robertshaw, a Montessori teacher from England, shares his experience working with young children