Welcome to The Male Montessorian Blog!

‘Everything I care about makes me more worldy, not less. Worldly in the sense of connected to the ripples…’ – Donna Haraway

This blog was formed out of the desire to complicate understandings of gender in early childhood education and care (ECEC). The early childhood sector continues to be a grossly gendered profession, labelled often as ‘women’s work’, and seen as an offshoot to motherhood. These narrow views of ‘who’ gets to educate and care for young children arise from reductive framings of gender that essentialise what men and women bring to early years.

If we want early childhood spaces to be inclusive and caring, we must start by unsettling uncaring discourses in order to make room for other care-full narratives to emerge. One of the main ways we attempt to do this at TMM is by highlighting a wide range of voices of those who work with young children. Not as a means to deepen the binaries, but as a way to multiply our worlds. We engage with a variety of theoretical frameworks in order to facilitate unbounded ways of thinking, feeling and doing, with the aim of inspiring inclusive early childhood practice. We hope you enjoy the content.

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