About Sid Mohandas

Bio: Sid Mohandas is a Montessori teacher and teacher trainer from the UK. He is also the founder of The Male Montessorian. He is currently doing his PhD at Middlesex University investigating how a gendered workforce is materialised in Montessori spaces utilising a feminist new materialist onto-epistemology.

Research Interest: Gender, Social Justice, Feminisms, Feminist New Materialisms, Feminist Posthumanisms, Montessori Education, Early Childhood Education, Assessment, Sexuality, Montessori History, and Intersectionality

Osgood, J. & Mohandas, S. (2020, forthcoming) Figuring gender in early childhood with animal figurines: pursuing tentacular stories about global childhoods in the Anthropocene, in Tesar et al. (eds) Global Childhoods Handbook. London: SAGE Publications
Mohandas, S. (2020) Reclaiming feminisms in the early years, Montessori International, Issue 127, Spring 2020. London: Montessori Centre International
Osgood, J. & Mohandas, S. (2019) Reconfiguring the ‘MaleMontessorian’: the mattering of gender through pink towering practices, Early Years, DOI: 10.1080/09575146.2019.1620181
Mohandas, S. (2018) Exploring Diversity and Inclusivity in Montessori, in Montessori Life, 30(4), pp.34-35
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Mohandas, S. (2015) A day at the museum, in Montessori International, Issue 117, Autumn 2015. London: Montessori St. Nicholas Charity.

May 30th, 2019. Crossroads in Education: How do theory, policy, and practice intersect around the globe? Cambridge University
June 10th, 2019. BSA New Materialism Conference. London
June 25th, 2019. Gender and Education Conference. Portsmouth
October 22nd, 2019. Early Childhood Forum. London
November 4th, 2019. Centre for Education Research & Scholarship. London
June 20-22nd, 2020. Gender and Education Conference. Calgary
Qualifications Institution/University
PhD in Education Middlesex University
MA in Early Years EducationInstitute of Education, UCL
Foundation Degree in MontessoriLondon Metropolitan University
International Montessori DiplomaMontessori Centre International
MS in Cellular and Molecular BiologyUppsala University
BTech in BioinformaticsVIT University